Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easter is Coming! Make Some Cascarones!!! (Don't worry... I'll tell you how)

Easter is coming!!!

Egg Hunting!



Okay, I'll be honest, I'm still staring at hills upon hills of snow, since the shores of Lake Superior are still covered with it. But! There are little tufts of grass poking out around the house, where the snow didn't pile as deep.

And I can even see little daffodil sprouts!

Well, okay. That's a bit of truth-stretching. I did see daffodil sprouts, but the area is currently getting




So they're covered again.

But while I may be going a little stir crazy, waiting to be able to get out and do some gardening, I'm happy.

Because Easter is coming!!!

I have a special, little warm spot in my heart for that adorable Easter Bunny, as well as the joy of Easter eggs, and so I wanted to direct you to an old post of mine. Or rather... three posts. 

Make your own cascarones!

Cascarones are confetti filled eggs that children smash onto each others' heads on Easter morning. Now what could be more fun than that?!

Because cascarones aren't a well known tradition where I moved, I knew that the neighbors would be decidedly unimpressed if my daughter and I had fun with them and the confetti blew into their yards.

But we did have fun. 

I just had to modify the cascarones a bit... and so I made them using bird seed.


Here are the posts that tell you how to make your own using bird seed and homemade dye!

I love cascarones so much, in fact, that I placed them inside the Easter story that I just published, called Caron's Egg. 

Kindle link
Nook link

The story isn't focused on eco-friendly concepts. Rather, it's a short fictional tale about the latest Easter Bunny to appear in this world, and his fight against the Veil of Logic, an ethereal substance that threatens the existence of the many creatures of legend. You can get it as an ebook through either Kindle or Nook for only $0.99.

And then go make some cascarones - the best type of Easter egg ever!
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why Has this Blog Been So Quiet?

So why have I been so quiet, lately?  Don't worry... nothing horrible has happened.

That is...

Unless you consider taking time off to publish a short story just in time for Christmas to be horrible!

The cover is GREEN!  It must be ok for a green blog, right?
Doing the happy dance!

That's right.  I took a break from writing the blog, but not from writing as a whole.  Santa's Letter is currently on sale at Amazon's kindle store, as well as from Smashwords.

Don't worry this still kind of relates to this blog.  

In a strange, reaching for straws kind of way...  I mean, sure, it's fiction... and sure, it seems like a far cry from Eco-friendly living... but in my defense, Santeclaus is a caretaker on a wildlife preserve... it's just a magical wildlife preserve.

And he's fighting to save creatures from extinction.

That's green.  Right?


Ok, yeah... this is a shameless plug. I admit it.

But is it working?

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